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Simple Pectus Excavatum Repair
Correcting pectus excavatum the SIMPLE way. No metal bars and no hospital stay!
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Pectus Excavatum Repair – SIMPLE Pectus Technique

What’s the SIMPLE Pectus technique?  “SIMPLE” Stands for Silicone Implant Modeled Pectus Level Enhancement.  This acronym was coined by Dr. Reza Momeni, a board certified plastic surgeon with expert experience in minimally invasive repair of pectus excavatum.

Who is eligible for the SIMPLE Pectus Repair?

This is a surgical treatment for patients who’ve grown up.  Since the custom silicone implant that is created does not change or grow over time, the best timing of surgery is when the chest cage is done growing.  The best age varies.  For males, this is around 17 or 18.  For females, it might be as early as 14 or 15.

Who is not eligible for the SIMPLE Pectus Repair?

Those with pectus excavatum who have breathing problems or heart issues are NOT good candidates for the SIMPLE pectus repair, as it does NOT address the underlying shape of the ribs cage and sternum.

What are the possible side effects?

Dr. Momeni takes great care to avoid infection, bleeding, and blood clotting complications.  As with any medical implants (like breast implant and knee implants), he also educate patients about potential long term issues.  To date, we have not noticed very few problems in our patients over the past 10 years.

How long does the surgery last?

The SIMPLE Pectus Repair involves  a personalized custom  implant, made of FDA-approved, medical-grade, soft silicone, designed to last a long time.  Dr. Momeni has performed this surgery for over 10 years, and to this date, only one implant has needed removal.

What if I don’t live in the New York / New Jersey area?

No problem!  We’ve treated many patients from all over the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia, since very few surgeons in the world have real experience in this procedure.  We are conveniently located near New York City, and we would be happy to assist you with travel details.  Please see our Out of Town page

How long is the recovery period?

Unlike invasive treatments that change the shape of the ribs and sternum (Nuss repair and Ravitch repair), the pain from SIMPLE Pectus Repair is minimal in our experience.  There’s no need for hospital stay.  The 1 hour surgery is outpatient.  Recovery takes 7-10 days for most patients, and they can usually return to exercise and sports by 6 weeks.  Please see the Recovery page.

How much does pectus excavatum repair cost?

Insurance does not cover this procedure since it is for cosmetic appearance only.  The total costs of the SIMPLE Pectus Repair surgery are in the $11,000-$16,000 range, depending on the complexity of surgery and the size of the implant that is required.   Please see the Costs page.

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