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Simple Pectus Excavatum Repair

SIMPLE Pectus Excavatum Surgery – Patient Review & Testimonial

We are very lucky to have had patients who have agreed to share their experience and provide a pectus excavatum surgery review.  The SIMPLE Pectus repair is the simplest and most effective procedure available to patients with pectus excavatum who do not have problems with breathing or with their heart.

Pectus excavatum surgery review #1


Pectus excavatum surgery review #2

Example images before and after SIMPLE Pectus Excavatum Repair

SIMPLE Pectus Excavatum Repair in think athletic male

SIMPLE Pectus Excavatum Repair in think athletic male

We are very fortunate that we have had patients travel not only from the New York metro area, mid-Atlantic region, and the northeastern United States, but also from Canada, Latin America, Asia, and Europe, to consult with Dr. Momeni and receive the SIMPLE Pectus custom implant repair.

Among all the plastic surgery procedures that Dr. Momeni performs, the SIMPLE Pectus Excavatum surgery repair enjoys one of the highest satisfactions.  Our patients find that after surgery they feel less self-conscious about their chest, start to go to the gym, and start to swim and go to the beach again.

The usual turnaround time for creating the implant in our partner lab is about 2-3 weeks.  Although it’s possible to have a single visit for the surgery in some cases, the custom implant creation process is very detailed.  We have had excellent results with this treatment and have a long history of very happy patients.

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