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Simple Pectus Excavatum Repair

Recovery from SIMPLE Pectus Repair

After the Simple Pectus Repair surgery, the patient will:

  1. Stay in the recovery room (PACU) for 1-2 hours until away after anesthesia.
  2. Receive instructions from a nurse.
  3. You’ll be discharged (most patients stay with a friend or at a local hotel)
  4. An adult over 18 years will be needed to sign you out.  If you are here alone, you can arrange medical transport back to your home or area hotel, ahead of time (not on day of surgery).  Taxi / Uber / Lyft may not be used, as they do not sign out for patients.
  5. Take pain medications prescribed by Dr. Momeni, only if needed.
  6. Bandage must stay on and the surgical area must be kept dry.
  7. Regular light activity is allowed, and walking is encouraged.
  8. First office visit is typically the day after surgery.  Showers allowed after this visit.
  9. Dr. Momeni’s team will monitor your recovery daily and see you as needed.
  10. Most patients leave our area and return home on day 8 or 9 after surgery.
  11. Further follow-ups are typically done online or by phone, but we can see you at anytime again if needed.
  12. Light exercise activity (fast walks, spinning, etc.) may resume after 3 weeks.
  13. Contact sports and strenuous exercise must be avoided for 6 weeks for SIMPLE pectus patients (implants NOT over muscles), and 3 months for patients whose implants are placed under the pectoral muscles.
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