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Simple Pectus Excavatum Repair

Recovery from SIMPLE Pectus Repair

After the Simple Pectus Repair surgery, the patient will:

  1. Stay in the recovery area for 1-3 hours until away after anesthesia.
  2. Receive instructions from a nurse about surgical drain.
  3. Go home, usually to a comfortable lunch or dinner.
  4. Take pain medications prescribed by Dr. Momeni, only if needed.
  5. Bandage must stay on and the surgical area must be kept dry.
  6. Regular light activity is allowed, and walking is encouraged.
  7. First office visit within 3 days of surgery – showers allowed after this visit.
  8. Drain is usually removed by Dr. Momeni’s team by day 7 (depending on output).
  9. Return for second office visit 4-5 days after drain removal (sometimes fluid builds up and needs to be aspirated).
  10. Local patients are asked to follow up in 1 month.  Traveling patients may touch base by phone or by internet.
  11. Light exercise activity (fast walks, spinning, etc.) may resume after 2 weeks.
  12. Contact sports and strenuous exercise must be avoided for 6 weeks.
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